Scout reviewed in French

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If French suites you better than English (or you just like imagining yourself coding in a Paris coffee shop), Raphaël Emourgeon has penned a review of Scout in French.

Raphaël sums up Scout nicely:

Après avoir installé un gem et ajouté une tâche cron sur le serveur à surveiller, tout se fait à distance via le site Internet de Scoutapp. Il suffit de quelques clics pour installer un plugin sur une machine et commencer la surveillance. Les plugins font toute l’originalité du système puisqu’un plugin est un script Ruby qui peut faire tous les traitements imaginables et qui utilise ensuite l’API (très simple) de Scoutapp pour renvoyer des résultats.

P.S. If you’re like me and struggle with French, here’s Google’s attempt at the translation


Bigger Hardware = Downtime today, 1PM PST

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We’re upgrading our infrastructure and Scout will be down from approximately 1PM – 1:30 PM PST.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Solving the random Rails performance problem

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Last week I uncovered a tricky performance problem on Scout I wanted to share.

In seemingly random fashion, when accessing my account home page, the render time was 5-6 seconds – way too slow. Other times, the render time would be far less than a second.

Here’s what I did to debug:

  1. Tailed my production log
  2. Opened up the mysql console
  3. Generated a slow request
  4. Ran the mysql SHOW PROCESSLIST command


Plain as day, I saw a query taking 30+ seconds. A simple mysql EXPLAIN on the query revealed a missing index. A new index fixed the issue. This query was outside the Rails application – a background job – so I never saw the query when optimizing the application.

Checkout the impact on the DB server load:

It’s a great lesson that you really need the complete picture of your infrastructure when something goes wrong – just looking at the Rails application often doesn’t cut it.

P.S. You’ll love what’s coming up with Scout – finding these problems gets a lot easier.



What's in store for 2009 - beyond the numbers

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2008 was a year full of numbers – 34% (fall of the the Dow Jones Industrial Average), $1.84B (Apple iPhone revenue), and $100M (cost of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony).

But raw numbers are just the start – in 2009, our goal is to tell you what they mean:

  • Your Rails application is slow. Now what? We’re bringing deeper, more actionable Rails instrumentation .
  • You’ve got one hell of a memory leak. What’s going on? We’ll help you get a complete picture of your system right when the leak happens.
  • You’re on the ski slopes but want to stay abreast of trends. We’ll help you get beyond raw numbers and alert you on trends.

And besides the functionality, there’ll be a new name for Scout in Q1!

Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks (or just subscribe to our RSS feed).


Say hey at Merb Day

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Merb Day Atlanta – a “one-day, one-track conference for Ruby and Rails developers looking to learn Merb” – is this Saturday and Scout’s extremely proud to be one of its sponsors.

Our own Charles Brian Quinn and Matt Todd will be there, taking in the sights, and Matt will also be talking some code – he’s teaching a three-part tutorial with Michael Ivey on learning, using, and hacking Merb.

Be sure to say hey if you get the chance!


HopToAdd, Lighthouse Plugins Added

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David Grandinetti of WeGoTo12 has added a pair of Scout plugins for 2 web services many Ruby on Rails developers are familiar with:

Lighthouse Open Tickets

Lighthouse: Beautifully Simple Issue and Bug Tracking

This plugin tracks the total number of open tickets for a specific Lighthouse project. Lighthouse is a issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management hosted application.

HopToAd Unresolved Errors


This plugin tracks the number of unresolved errors in a HopToAdd project. HopToAdd is a hosted service for tracking and managing exceptions generated by a Rails application.

You can view a full list of available plugins in our plugin directory. The source of these plugins is available on Github.


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