Scout at RailConf

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It’s been a big year for Scout at conferences. We sponsored GoGaRuCo here in San Francisco last month, and we had a booth on the floor at RailsConf last week.

A few highlights from the conference:

  • We came to the conference armed with all kinds of “selling points” for Scout 2.0. When all is said and done, the number one point people love about Scout is the open-source plugin model. Thanks for everyone’s feedback and support!
  • It was really cool talking to people in all stages of involvement with Ruby and Rails. Including those who were building a Rails app for the first time. It’s good to get that perspective after working with Rails for the last 3+ years.
  • Charles Quinn and I had the opportunity to treat Hongli Lai & Ninh Bui to Sushi and say thanks for one of our favorite pieces of software.
  • One cool interaction—Josh Goebel of Pastie came by and asked us about the new Scout API. Then, he tracked us down the next day to show us the Scout plugin he had created for vmstat! Great to see folks using Scout’s extensibility like that.
  • I didn’t hear one mention of “what happens in Vegas”—Rails community +1; tired cliches -1.

Interview on

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Fabio Akita tracked down our own Matt Todd to talk about Scout.

Listen to the interview:

Download (13:43)


I'm not a ShamWow salesman and other lessons from our first conference

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I despise sales pitches, but you wouldn’t know it if you were the first person to visit our Scout exhibit booth. After introducing myself, I delved into a 5 minute whirl-wind tour of Scout 2.0, trying to show every possible feature that might help him monitor his Rails stack.

He watched, mostly quiet.

As he walked away, I felt a little dirty, a little QVC-like. I hoped my career wasn’t heading down the path of another famous pitchman.

We exhibited Scout at our first conference, Golden Gate Ruby Conference, run with Scandinavian precision and held, not ironically, at the Swedish American Hall. I started a little awkward telling the Scout story, but things really smoothed out quickly. 8 lessons from our first conference:

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Scout 2.0 Behind the Scenes on the Ruby on Rails Podcast

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We sat down with Geoffrey Grosenbach of the Ruby on Rails Podcast to chat about the heavy lifting we’re doing behind the scenes for the big ‘ol Scout refresh.

What plan of attack did we choose for building a daemon? What are some of our new approaches for data visualization? New features?

When does this vapor-ware become software?

Listen to the show.


Updates to memcached, nginx monitoring

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Colin Surprenant did some quality GitHub forking today, enhancing the monitoring for memcached and nginx.

The memcached stats plugin reports the following data:
  • Current connections
  • Current data MB
  • Evictions
  • Get count
  • Get hits
  • Get misses
  • Max data MB
  • Set count
  • Total items
...and alerts you if the plugin can’t connect to memcached.

The ngix status plugin reports the following data:
  • Reading
  • Requests
  • Requests per/second
  • Total
  • Waiting
  • Writing

Thanks to Mike Mangino and Luc Castera for their original work on the memcached and ngix plugins, respectively.

Scout Install Urls:

And just how did Colin, Mike, and Luc magically add this functionality to Scout? It’s easy – see our guide.


See Scout's big changes at Golden Gate Ruby Conference and RailsConf

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It’s been almost a year since we launched Scout, and over the past couple of months, we’ve been working on a big new release. We’ll be showing off Scout’s new features at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference on April 17th and 18th and at RailsConf on May 4th-7th.

Hope to see you in our booth!


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