Scout for the iPhone: BirdDog

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Shawn Veader of V8 Logic has released BirdDog, an iPhone application for Scout. The app is on sale for $1.99 through Thursday.

With BirdDog, you can track the health of servers you are monitoring with Scout. BirdDog provides an alert history for each server, highlighting any active alerts. It’s a simple way to stay on top of your server infrastructure for the price of a cup coffee.

You can download the application from the iTunes App Store.

I pestered Shawn a bit about BirdDog and iPhone development below.

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Embedded Customer Support With Rapportive

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A big part of providing good support is making it painless. At Scout, Andre and I handle all of the support requests. Once we’ve gathered the account information, it usually doesn’t take much time to help. The problem is quickly putting the account information together. We don’t want to use a dedicated support application – we usually handle just a couple of support requests per-day.

Why not view all of the account information right from Gmail, where the support request originates? We’re using Rapportive with a custom Raplet to make it happen. When we receive an email from a Scout customer, we see their Scout account info.

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RVM and cron in production

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UPDATED 6/7/2013We no longer recommend using bash -l -c to run Cron jobs with RVM. See our updated approach .

This info is for Scout users, but it’s also applicable to anyone who’s wondered how to use cron together with RVM. This assumes 1) you are using bash; 2) you running you cron tasks as a non-root user (say, “deploy”).

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A Holodeck for deployments?

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Recently I watched the documentary miniseries When We Left Earth. A constant theme from early space flight was the huge number of unknowns. For example, before the first astronaut went into orbit, NASA had concerns humans would lose their vision and wouldn’t be able to swallow in zero gravity. Thankfully, space worked out.

In devops lingo, it was impossible to build an accurate staging environment.

At Scout, we’ve grown almost 600% since last August. With that growth, our deployments are more carefully executed. This is monitoring, so Scout needs to be reliable when we deploy changes.

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So, what do you do?

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I was back in Michigan a few weeks ago visiting family. These trips always involve a “what do you do?” question at some point. I’m never sure how to answer.

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Scout is Getting a New Load Balancer

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We are in the process of replacing our hardware load balancer with an HAProxy setup. We plan on making the switch tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 8/24) at 4:30pm PST. We are not expecting any downtime, and you shouldn’t experience any service interruption.

As a result of the switchover, the domain will point to a new IP address.

As always, follow Scout on Twitter for info and updates.


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