Say Hello to JavaScript Charts

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JavaScript charts are here, they look great, and they work on your iPad!

Scout’s basic chart functionality has remained the same, with a few enhancements:

  1. Most importantly, the charts no longer require Flash. This means you can view the charts on your iPad or modern Flash-free browser.
  2. Charts now show values in a tooltip as you mouse over them (the image above shows an example). This solves a long-standing problem with the old charts, where the legend became unreadable with many metrics.
  3. The charts feel snappier!

JavaScript charts have been a popular request on the Scout Uservoice page, and we’re pleased to release them. As always, any feedback, let us know.

A Note on dashboards with the new tooltip: in some cases the tooltip can overflow from the smallest charts on dashboards. If you encounter this issue, just enlarge your dashboard chart a bit to make room for the tooltip.



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In addition to email and SMS, Scout now sports a flexible new alerting option: webhooks. When a trigger generates an alert, Scout can post the alert details to a URL of your choice.

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An update to the "Simple Process Check" Plugin

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The Simple Process Check plugin takes a comma-delimited list of process names, and alerts you if any of the named processes stop running. It’s an easy way to keep tabs on the essential processes on your server.

What’s New: Track Multiple Processes with Different Arguments

You can also check that a process exists with a certain substring included in its arguments. For example, to check for two instances of node (one with “emailer” in its args, and one with “eventLogger” in its args), set this in process_names: node/emailer,node/eventLogger.

You can mix and match pure process_names and process_name/args.

Here’s the link to the Simple Process Check plugin again.


One Hundred Dollars

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Recently I’ve been calling a couple of customers per-week to chat about their Scout experience. One of the questions I’ve been asking comes out of left field: ”What would you pay another $100/mo for?” I’ll ask the question first to see if they have any suggestions, then run a small selection of ideas by them.

Besides asking my future wife to marry me, it’s the best question I’ve asked in years.

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Low Value Triggers are Here

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Support for triggers on low values is a popular request. It’s here! You can now be alerted when any metric drops below a threshold you specify.

To use low value triggers, create a peak trigger as you would normally, and click on “use low values.” Like upper-peak triggers, you can specify one level for email alerts and another level for SMS alerts (assuming your plan supports SMS).

A side note: the Scout uservoice forum is a great place to make feature suggestions – it’s the easiest way for us to gauge when the demand for a feature reaches a tipping point.


Real Time Infographic

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It’s been a little over a week since we rolled out real-time monitoring. Some people think it’s pretty cool.

To commemorate one week of real time, our art department put together a basic infographic on its usage. You’re spending more time watching lines move on the screen than YouTube Nyan Cat videos. We’re damn proud of that.

Learn more about real time server monitoring with Scout.


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