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Monitoring Apache ZooKeeper

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With over 50 million plays, OMGPOP – the free multiplayer game site – is logging a lot of data. Tracking stats like app downloads and launches paint a picture of how their games are performing.

This logging data is collected via Flume, a system for collecting streaming data, and delivered to a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). So, how do you keep your Flume nodes configured in a consistent manner?

Enter Apache ZooKeeper, “a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services” (from the ZooKeeper homepage). Michael Fielder (Blog | Twitter), an NYC-based freelance systems operations engineering consultant, recently created a Scout Plugin for monitoring ZooKeeper at OMGPOP. The plugin parses the output of the srvr command on the installed server, reporting key ZooKeeper metrics. Additionally, an error is generated if ZooKeeper is not running.

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JMX Monitoring

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JMX Monitoring

One of the features Java Management Extensions provides is the ability to add instrumentation to an application. While this makes collecting metrics straightforward, it doesn’t address storage for these metrics. Enter David Dossot’s JMX Monitoring Scout Plugin.

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You Are Making Scout Even Better

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A huge thank you to Scout users who have sent us plugin fixes and enhancements! It’s really a pleasure to see the plugin library grow and improve. Here are the latest updates:

Memory Profiler

Solaris Compatibility added by Ankur Bulsara

URL Monitoring

Better exception handling for bad hostnames and request timeouts – Eric Lindvall and Venu Keesari

Disk Usage

Cleaned up some metric parsing – Michael Grosser

MongoDB Slow Queries

Added ability to read from replicas and silenced warnings in older mongo gems (<1.1.5) - Niels Meersschaert and Chris Griego

RabbitMQ Queue Details

Compatibility updates for version 2.3 by Chris Griego and Doug Barth

Passenger Status

Hiding metric output for servers you aren’t using (Apache or Nginx). Added metrics on the largest Passenger process memory size. By Chris Griego.

MySQL Stats

Added connections and max used connections metrics – Eric Lindvall

Delayed Job

Fixed “Oldest waiting delayed job” metric – Eric Lindvall

Device I/O

Fixed warning – Valery Vishnyakov

Ruby on Rails Monitoring

Added compatibility for Request Log Analyzer 1.10.0 – Chris Griego

How to update your plugins.

From any server page, click Plugins, and see if any are listed with update available:

Click through on the “updates available link”, then click the “Update Code” button. You’ll get the latest code.

Got an update, or an issue?

Send us a plugin support request if you have any issues. Got an update or a fix? Send us a Github pull request!

Thanks again to this round of plugin contributors!


CouchDB Monitoring Plugins

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John Wood of Signal has released 2 plugins for monitoring CouchDB.

CouchDB Overall

couchdb overall monitoring

This plugin monitors your CouchDB installation across all databases, reporting activity across a number of metrics.

CouchDB Database

This plugin monitors a specific CouchDB database. If you have multiple databases on a server, install this plugin for each database.

Why CouchDB? Find out next week

The guys at Signal are smart dudes, so I was naturally curious where CouchDB fits into their infrastructure. Next week I’ll publish an interview with John where he explains their use case for CouchDB, which performance metrics they watch, the learning curve for CouchDB, and more.

Subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter for the interview with John.

The Plugins

Like all Scout plugins, installing the CouchDB plugin is a button click away.

Other Database Monitoring Plugins


Beanstalkd in the wild (and a Scout plugin)

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Beanstalkd is a simple, fast work queue. As its FAQ eloquently states, “beanstalkd is a big to-do list for your distributed application”. It’s commonly used to move intensive work out of the web request cycle and into the background.

Kevin Lawver of uPlaya has whipped up a Scout plugin for monitoring beanstalkd. At uPlaya, you upload a song and they tell if you if it has the potential to be a hit. 3 reasons why beanstalkd is great for uPlaya:

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Monitoring mod_pagespeed

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Josh Nichols of Rails Machine has developed a Scout plugin for monitoring mod_pagespeed, Google’s Apache 2.x module for performing on-the-fly optimization in the Apache 2 HTTP Server.

mod_pagespeed has several filters that optimize a web page’s resources. These filters combine CSS files, optimize images, and more. mod_pagespeed is still under heavy development (a couple of the filters aren’t working for Josh, including image optimization). These issues shouldn’t impact the plugin’s metric reporting.

To install the plugin, just click the button when viewing a server on Scout. mod_pagespeed is listed in our plugin directory.


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