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Fullscreen Charts

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Nothing says “I’m a professional and in charge of important things” more than a full screen chart on an external display. We’ve made it easier to look pro with Scout. You can now toggle Scout’s chart display between normal and fullscreen views:

Scout ~ Chart

Let us know if you run into any issues.


A round of bite-sized updates

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We’ve pushed up a round of small updates to Scout. The details:

Updating Saved Charts

You can now update a previously saved chart in Scout. For example, if you’ve saved a chart that displays your web traffic, but you add a new web server, just add the new web server to the chart and click the “save” button.

Last 7 days of slow transactions

From the plugin detail page you can view the most recent slow Rails Requests / MySQL queries. Now, you can paginate through the past week’s slow transactions as well. Just click the “more” button.

Provisioned cloud servers placed group

When you use Scout’s cloud functionality to automatically monitor provisioned servers, new servers are now placed in the same group as the original cloud instance. This makes it easier to identify these new servers within Scout.

For example, if you have a server in Scout that is placed in a “Database Slave” group and you have a new server checkin with the same server key, it will also be placed in the “Database Slave” group.

More on groups and cloud monitoring:

BirdDog (Scout for the iPhone) updates

Shawn Veader has released version 1.1 of BirdDog, a Scout application for the iPhone. You can grab the latest release from the App Store.


Rails + MySQL Monitoring Enhancements

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Before today, 75% of the emails sent by Scout were from two plugins: Rails Monitoring and MySQL Slow Queries. Previously, we generated an alert anytime a slow transaction occurred. These emails added too much noise to your inbox – they were viewed 5x less frequently than emails from triggers.

We’ve made the process for reviewing slow transactions more efficient:

  • No more emails for individual slow requests
  • The Rails and MySQL Slow Queries plugins now show recent slow transactions

Here’s an example with the Rails Monitoring Plugin:

Don’t fret – you’ll still be notified when performance is degrading. Both the Rails Monitoring and MySQL Slow Queries plugins have trend triggers that check if the request length/slow query rate increase dramatically. Like with any Scout plugin, you’re free to adjust the thresholds of these triggers.

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A redesigned dashboard & server groups

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Answering “how is my cluster performing?” just got a lot easier. We’ve rolled out a redesigned account dashboard that makes filtering the noise in your server cluster a lot more efficient.

The dashboard

The updated account homepage lists each server and 3 key metrics:

  • Server load over the last minute
  • Memory usage
  • Disk usage

The sidebar shows any active alerts.

Server Groups

Create groups (ex: web servers) and place servers in those groups. These grouped servers are shown together on the account dashboard.

Timeframe selection

By default, the dashboard shows the most recent data across servers. You can also choose to display aggregated metrics across a longer period (up to the previous 7 days). We’ve worked hard to make toggling between different timeframes speedy so comparing data should be painless.


Our previous dashboard had too much noise. It was difficult to tell where the emergencies were. We’ve found this update makes checking the status of our own cluster at Scout far more efficient.

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Scout for the iPhone: BirdDog

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Shawn Veader of V8 Logic has released BirdDog, an iPhone application for Scout. The app is on sale for $1.99 through Thursday.

With BirdDog, you can track the health of servers you are monitoring with Scout. BirdDog provides an alert history for each server, highlighting any active alerts. It’s a simple way to stay on top of your server infrastructure for the price of a cup coffee.

You can download the application from the iTunes App Store.

I pestered Shawn a bit about BirdDog and iPhone development below.

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Charts: Now much faster

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When investigating server performance, there’s nothing more useful and flexible than a good chart. In fact, on more than 1/2 of all visits to Scout, a chart is viewed.

We know you love charts, so we’ve made them a lot faster. Now when you modify a chart (example: changing the time frame), the chart should refresh in under a second. No more full page loads.

When you want to share your latest masterpiece of chart artwork, click the “Share” link above the chart and copy the provided URL.

Past chart updates:


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