Introducing GitHub-enhanced Deploy Tracking

October 13 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Comments Comments

We're happy to introduce a lightweight addition to Scout: GitHub-enhanced deploy tracking.

​Deploy tracking makes it easy to correlate deploys to your app's performance. Scout's deploy tracking goes beyond chart markers: enable our GitHub integration to see which branch or tag was deployed, the team members that contributed, and a diff summary of what changed.

Enable deploy tracking

The latest version of the scout_apm gem tracks your deploys without additional configuration if you are running Capistrano. If you aren’t using Capistrano or deploying your app to Heroku, see our deploy tracking configuration docs.


  • DelayedJob - we've added DelayedJob instrumentation, which provides the same level of detail on DelayedJob as you've come to expect on your web requests. Update to the latest agent version to enable.
  • ScoutProf - looking for more insights on your traces? Try our ScoutProf beta.
  • Heroku Addon - featured in last month's Heroku newsletter, the Scout Addon makes provisioning Scout on Heroku even easier.

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