Dashboard updates: stacking, naming charts, and more

July 18 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Posted in Features

Thanks for your feedback since the launch of our new dashboards UI last week! We're taking your suggestions to heart - here's what we've been working on.



You can now stack metrics just like before. Choose the "stacked" display option in the chart settings.

You'll also see a total across metrics on the chart when hovering over the chart.

Name your charts


We give your charts a default name, but sometimes you have a more awesome name. Now you can rename your charts at-will.

More metrics in the tooltip

We've increased the number of visible metrics in the tooltip to 15. Don't forget you can scroll through the metrics in the tooltip if you have more. Also, tooltip metrics are sorted so you'll see the highest values first.

Coming: different metrics on the same chart

We launched with the ability to create charts with a single metric. The top request we're hearing is the ability to place multiple metrics on the same chart (ex: CPU I/O Wait, CPU User %, CPU System).

We're working on this! We'll update when this is available.

We'll keep making dashboards more awesome

We won't rest until you start taking Instragram photos of your favorite Scout dashboard moments.

Send your feedback/suggestions/bug reports to support@scoutapp.com.

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