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Dashboards have exited beta - see our launch post for the details.

We're rebuilding the charts experience in Scout from the ground-up. Want a preview of where we're heading? Click the "Charts Beta" link in your nav bar.


  • There's no faster way to view your metrics. Start typing to filter metrics in the sidebar, key up/down, hit enter. You'll see that metric across all of your servers.
  • Readable by default: with lots of servers, charts can become a mess. With our new charts, you'll see the range of min/avg/max values across all of your servers. Simply click a chart for details on individual servers.
  • Navigate forward/back in time with the arrow buttons at the top of the page.
  • One metric per-chart - multiple y-axes are confusing.
  • Filter metrics by environment, role, and server name (including regex support).

We'll be iterating quickly on this. Send your feedback to

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