Introducing Chart Queries

July 23 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Posted in Features Bullet_white Comments Comments

Today we're excited to announce the BETA release of Chart Queries, a faster way to view your metrics on charts.

Rather than selecting metrics via checkboxes, just search!

You can toggle between selecting specific metrics or queries from the Chart page in Scout:

You can search by role, server, plugin, and metric name. You'll also get suggestions as you type:

Did we mention queries support regular expressions and wildcards too?

Charts built via queries are dynamic: when you add/remove servers, their associated metrics on the chart will automatically be added or removed as well. For example, if you create a query that charts "Memory Used" across all of your servers and you add five more servers, "Memory Used" for the new servers will automatically appear on the chart.

The takeaway: queries make your Scout setup much easier to maintain: you won't need to update your saved charts and dashboards as you grow.

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