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Is email just not fast enough? Do you want instant notification of Scout alerts in your HipChat room? We've added a direct integration to HipChat:

Setup is just what you'd expect - provide your API token (a notification token is fine) and the room name or ID:

Once set up, the HipChat intgration can be added to any of your notification groups. If you need notifications in multiple HipChat rooms, just click "Add HipChat" multiple times (you can reuse the API key for multiple integrations)

About HipChat

If you aren't familiar with HipChat, think group chat built for teams. It's designed for the simplicity of consumer IM, with business-oriented administrative tools.

Keeping Scout Connected

HipChat joins PagerDuty, Zapier, webhooks, email, and SMS as ways to send Scout alerts. Got another way you'd like to hook up your Scout notifications? Let us know!

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