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Zapier glues together hundreds of online applications so they can talk seamlessly with one another. Think Legos for web services. Or Unix pipes for the web world. Want a task assignment in Basecamp to trigger a HipChat message? Zapier makes it possible.

Scout alerts are now supported as Zapier inputs. So, you can wire Scout alerts to any of Zapier's 200+ services. How about giving a shoutout in Google Talk whenever a Scout alert fires?

scout to google doc

Setting it up

Note that Zapier is a paid service, although they do have a free tier. When you're logged into Zapier, you'll see Scout Monitoring in the list of triggers:

list of triggers

Zapier will provide you with a webhook URL you can paste into Scout, along with instructions. Once your webhook is configured, you can wire Scout alerts to any of Zapier's many actions. A few ideas: sending a message in a HipChat room, appending to a text file in drop box, or showing an alert in Campfire.

Build something to share

Create something interesting using Zapier or webhooks? Drop us a note! We'd love to share it with other Scout users. Here are some current integrations to get the juices flowing:

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