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On Jan 15th, all Scout accounts will be switched over to notification groups. Notification groups are designed to make notifiation management easier and more flexible:

  • instead of managing notifications per-plugin/per-user, you will assign users to notification groups, and apply notification groups to triggers.
  • you can have multiple PagerDuty integrations and webhook endpoints and assign those to notification groups as well. PagerDuty and webhooks are now first-class notification channels; they are no longer all-or-nothing settings.
  • you get much finer control over threshold-to-notification channel mappings. You can configure (for example) three triggers on one metric, with the lowest trigger sending you email, the middle trigger sending you SMS, and the high trigger alerting PagerDuty.

What to look for on Jan 15th:

If you’ve joined Scout recently, nothing will change—you already have notification groups enabled. Older accounts that haven’t been converted yet will see the notifications page change (select “notifications” in the top menu):

  • everyone on your account will continue to receive alerts normally.
  • we automatically generate groups to match the notification settings you have now. The groups will be named Group 01, Group 02, etc.
  • plan on taking 15 minutes to consolidate your groups as needed and give them meaningful names. How many groups you have depends on how fragmented your settings were before the conversion—Scout generates as many groups as necessary to match your current notification settings.

Per-server access control is going away

Per-server access control is a rarely used feature that added a lot of complexity behind the scenes. With the notification group upgrades, we are doing away with per-server access controls. We’ve emailed affected accounts separately on this.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at

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