Announcing Scout Real Time

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Deploying a new feature? Load testing? Debugging a performance issue? Now you can get Scout metrics in real time for immediate feedback.

Real time in Action

(2 min 28 sec—we know your time is valuable).

Using Real Time

Choose the metrics you want to view in real time using the standard charts interface. Then, click the Real Time button:

The real time charts look a bit different from the standard Scout charts. Each metric is displayed separately:

Note that the real time session doesn’t start immediately. That’s because Scout needs to launch a separate process on your server(s) for the duration of the real time session. It can take up to a minute for all your servers to check in and get the message that real time needs to be started.

It’s Like Your Servers are There in the Room

If Scout is a periodic status report from your servers, real time is like a live, in-person meeting. You and your servers face-to-face.

Of course, you don’t want to be in meetings 24/7. Scout real time is the same way – it’s designed for short periods to address a specific issue. By default, real time sessions run for 30 minutes, and you can extend the sessions for longer if needed.

Try Real Time

For a limited time, real time is available FREE on ALL Scout accounts. You do need the latest Scout agent to try it. As long as your Scout gem is version 5.5.0+, real time will automatically be available on your charts.

Get Started!

  1. Update your Scout gem: [sudo] gem install scout
  2. click the Real Time button on any Scout chart

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