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Simple Process Check is a new plugin in the spirit of the recent Simple Port Check.

Provide a comma-delimited list of process names (names only, no paths). This plugin checks that at least one instance of each named process is running.


  1. You’ll get an email if any of the processes have NO instances running.
  2. You’ll get another email when any of the non-running processes are present again.

Simple Process Check vs. Process Usage

The Process Usage keeps tabs on one specific process name. It tracks the number of instances running, the total memory usage, number of restarts, etc.

Simple Process Check keeps tabs on multiple processes (according to the list of names you provide), but provides less information on each process. You should use Simple Process Check if you have a number of processes to monitor, and primarily need assurance that they all are running.

Try it out

That link again: Simple Process Check. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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