A round of bite-sized updates

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We’ve pushed up a round of small updates to Scout. The details:

Updating Saved Charts

You can now update a previously saved chart in Scout. For example, if you’ve saved a chart that displays your web traffic, but you add a new web server, just add the new web server to the chart and click the “save” button.

Last 7 days of slow transactions

From the plugin detail page you can view the most recent slow Rails Requests / MySQL queries. Now, you can paginate through the past week’s slow transactions as well. Just click the “more” button.

Provisioned cloud servers placed group

When you use Scout’s cloud functionality to automatically monitor provisioned servers, new servers are now placed in the same group as the original cloud instance. This makes it easier to identify these new servers within Scout.

For example, if you have a server in Scout that is placed in a “Database Slave” group and you have a new server checkin with the same server key, it will also be placed in the “Database Slave” group.

More on groups and cloud monitoring:

BirdDog (Scout for the iPhone) updates

Shawn Veader has released version 1.1 of BirdDog, a Scout application for the iPhone. You can grab the latest release from the App Store.

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