Rails + MySQL Monitoring Enhancements

December 20 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Posted in Features Bullet_white Comments Comments

Before today, 75% of the emails sent by Scout were from two plugins: Rails Monitoring and MySQL Slow Queries. Previously, we generated an alert anytime a slow transaction occurred. These emails added too much noise to your inbox – they were viewed 5x less frequently than emails from triggers.

We’ve made the process for reviewing slow transactions more efficient:

  • No more emails for individual slow requests
  • The Rails and MySQL Slow Queries plugins now show recent slow transactions

Here’s an example with the Rails Monitoring Plugin:

Don’t fret – you’ll still be notified when performance is degrading. Both the Rails Monitoring and MySQL Slow Queries plugins have trend triggers that check if the request length/slow query rate increase dramatically. Like with any Scout plugin, you’re free to adjust the thresholds of these triggers.

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