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November 18 Bullet_white By Andre Bullet_white Comments Comments

Scout customer RailsWare has implemented one of the best front-ends we’ve seen for Scout notifications—a real, physical stoplight on the wall of their offices:

Railsware constructed this awesome setup for their client, RatePoint. Yaroslav Lazor outlined the nuts and bolts:

  • Notifications from several monitoring services (Scout, Pingdom, New Relic) are collected in an IMAP folder.
  • A daemon monitors the inbox, and turns on the stoplight if necessary. The daemon also writes status to a database, where web-based and desktop-based notifications can also read and display status.
  • When an issue is marked resolved, the daemon turns off the stoplight—everything is back to normal.

We love the idea of seeing a big, bold, physical presentation of system status up on the wall. Great job RailsWare and RatePoint for putting this together!

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