PostgreSQL Monitoring Plugin

July 07 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Posted in Plugins Bullet_white Comments Comments

Robert Coup of Koordinates has added a PostgreSQL monitoring plugin to the Scout Plugin Directory. It’s about time PostgreSQL got some love from the Scout community!

The PostgreSQL monitoring plugin tracks the basics you really need to know about your PostgreSQL setup (query rates, buffer cache hits, etc).

Don’t forget that you can get alerts when these metrics change dramatically using Scout’s triggers. For example, you could create a trend trigger to alert you of a dramatic drop in the Buffer cache hit rate.

You can view more details about the plugin in our directory.

Like all Scout plugins, using the PostgreSQL plugin is just a button click away – no scripts to install or configure.

If you run into an issue with the plugin, shoot us an email at We maintain a test suite for the plugin, so we’d love to document and fix your issue.

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