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Following up on saved charts, we’ve got a few more tasty chart features for you:

Chart up to 15 metrics simultaneously

Want a stacked chart of load across your server cluster? Compare Rails response time across 15 app servers? Now you can—we’ve raised the number of metrics you can put on a chart (it was previously limited to six metrics at a time).

Select metrics by plugin

To make it easier to select those metrics, you can now drill down by plugin name. This saves a lot of clicking and makes it that much easier to explore similar metrics across lots of servers.

Of course, once you get a chart that’s informative, you’ll want to 1) save the chart for easy access later; 2) let it auto-refresh so you can keep an eye on changes (see immediately below)!

Embedded Charts

Assemble your own dashboard or create something else cool with Scout charts—you can easily embed charts in your own HTML. Just create the chart as you normally do, and add ”/embed” to the end of the URL, before the querystring. So:|2361&range=12+hours


You can also set chart width and height:|2361&range=12+hours&width=600&height=300


All charts now refresh automatically—just leave the chart open in your browser window, and it will refresh itself as Scout collects new data!

Auto-refresh applies both regular and embedded charts.

Have fun!

Let us know if you have any feedback.

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