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RabbitMQ Monitoring Plugins

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Doug Barth of Interactive Mediums has created two plugins for monitoring RabbitMQ, an enterprise messaging system based on the emerging AMQP standard.

Doug’s RabbitMQ Overall Monitoring Plugin monitors the overall health of RabbitMQ – reporting the number of queues, connections, etc. His RabbitMQ Queue Monitoring Plugin drills down to a specific queue.

Doug tells me that Interactive Mediums, which offers a mobile customer engagement platform used by many top brands, has been very happy with RabbitMQ’s small memory footprint and stability.

We use RabbitMQ for processing all of the SMS messages that flow through our system. The setup is pretty typical, wherein we queue messages coming into our system and going out of our system. We have also been expanding our usage to include some supporting systems. Our second usage involved switching our background daemons to queued approach. Where previously we had a single daemon processing a type of background work (sending a single message to thousands of phones, for example), we now enqueue a message to a pool of background daemons which pull a unit of work and process it.

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