Deploy Scout to your entire cluster in minutes with Chef

February 09 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Comments Comments

Seth Chisamore has created a Chef cookbook for installing and configuring Scout across your entire server cluster.

If you haven’t heard of Chef, Seth provides a great overview in this blog post. To quote Seth:

Chef is a state-based, configuration management tool written entirely in Ruby. It is scalable and completely open-source. The 37 Signal’s team describes it as “Rails for sysadmins”! With Chef you don’t write scripts to configure your infrastructure you write code that programs it.

If you’d like to learn more about Chef and live in the Atlanta area (or have a private plane), Seth will be presenting at tomorrow’s Atlanta Ruby Meetup Group meetup. Joshua Timberman of Opscode, the open source company behind Chef, will be presenting with Seth.

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