Delayed::Job Monitoring Plugin

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Lukas Rieder and Alexander Lang (with updates from Eric Lindvall) have created a Delayed::Job Monitoring Plugin for Scout. Just install the plugin through and your crucial proceessing jobs no longer fail in silence.

Delayed::Job is a widely used database-backed asynchronous priority queue extracted from Shopify. Need to send massive newsletters? Handle batch imports? Using Ruby on Rails? Take a look at Delayed::Job for these types of long-running scheduled tasks.

Lukas and Alex originally developed the plugin during a pairing session while working on PaperC, an online book platform specializing in textbooks. PaperC processes PDFs using Delayed::Job. Eric made several additions to the plugin based on his work at Cloudvox, an easy-to-use open phone API platform. Cloudvox even supports conferencing and activating phone numbers.

View the directory entry for more information.

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