Updating monitoring on 100 servers with 1 mouse click

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UPDATE – Copy and Paste has been replaced by Server Roles.

You realize a default alerting threshold is too low or you want to add additional monitoring functionality to all 100 of your servers.

Do you login to every server, update the scripts, and reload? Maybe build a custom script to automate this?

Follow the lead of the smart people at Railsware – Web Apps Made with Passion. Railsware, an Agile Rails development firm which manages a large cluster on Amazon EC2, saves a lot of time (and a lot of pain) using Scout to monitor many servers:

It’s difficult to imagine updating monitoring scripts across dozens of our servers manually. What takes a couple of mouse clicks with Scout might take hours with traditional monitoring software.”
- Yaroslav Lazor, Railsware Co-Founder

Video Demo

Copy & Paste

When viewing a plugin, you’ll see a Copy link:

In one step you can:

  • Install this plugin again on servers of your choice
  • Update existing installs

After selecting the Copy link, you can choose which servers you’d like to add the plugin to. If there are existing installs of the plugin on other servers, you can choose to update those installs as well:

Delete Multiple Plugins

When viewing a plugin, you’ll see a Delete link. If this plugin has been installed multiple times you’ll see a prompt:

If you choose Select More Installs, you can choose to delete multiple installs of a plugin at once:

Bulk Monitoring Discounts

More information on this functionality can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you need to monitor more than 16 servers, contact us for bulk discount information.

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