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Thanks to Rob Lingle of Rails Machine, we have a new plugin for monitoring IO performance. See the iostat plugin here.

What is iostat and why would I use it?

iostat reports terminal and disk I/O activity. You should use it if you suspect a device is IO bound. Ilya Grigorik recently put up a good post on iostat, and the man pages are here.

What are the plugin configuration options?

There are three configuration options for the iostat plugin:

  • iostat Command -- most likely, you won't need to change this. Consult the iostat documentation for other flags and options.
  • Device -- defaults to /, or specify any defice you want to monitor.
  • Interval -- defaults to three seconds; set to a different number to have iostat report averages over that many seconds

How do I install the plugin in Scout?

Just like any other plugin, go the Scout plugin directory and select the Device Input/Output plugin.

Ensure the iostat command is installed on your server. If it's not, you probably just need to install the sysstat package. For example, on Ubuntu this is apt-get install sysstat.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any feedback.

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