Now with deep Rails Instrumentation, triggers, a more robust agent, and more

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Scout is nearing 1/2 billon recorded metrics, but bragging about metrics is like bragging about the number of lines of code you’ve written. Metrics, like code, are a means to an end. It’s the quality, not the volume, that matters.

We took a big step in going beyond numbers today with the release of the Rails instrumentation plugin for Scout. It’s the first plugin to leverage Scout’s new features, and at just $7/server, we think it’s at a price that makes sense whether you have a small VPS or a cloud of servers.

A quick tour of Scout’s new features:

Deep Rails Instrumentation Plugin

Using the new Rails instrumentation plugin, you’ll get alerted of trends. Scout wants to help you correct and issue before it becomes a problem:


When things go wrong, Scout tries to lend a helping hand, giving optimization suggestions:


..and highlights the variables that changed the most:


Sometimes you just want an overview of your Rails application as well:


The Rails Instrumentation plugin is open source, like the rest of our plugins. View the source of the Rails plugin and its companion Scout plugin on GitHub.


Leverage the same alerting functionality used by the Deep Rails instrumentation plugin in your own plugins with triggers. For example, let Scout notify you if user signups dramatically increase compared to the previous 7 days. Just pick a metric and set the thresholds!

The new Scout Agent

The old cron-based Scout client has been replaced by the Scout Agent, a daemon. The Scout Agent is an easier install and enables the more powerful and flexible metric-collecting goodness used by the Rails instrumentation plugin.

View the Scout Agent source at GitHub.

An easier API

It’s even easier to get your data into Scout with the new Ruby API:

ScoutAgent::API.queue_report({:metric_name => value, :plugin_id => PLUGIN_ID})

Or just use JSON from the command line:

scout_agent q report <<< ‘{“new_users”: 12}’

View our Developer Resources for more information on integrating with Scout.

Just $7/server

You can get started today with a free 30 day trial.

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  1. Hunter said about 2 hours later:

    We just signed up for scout today not knowing that this was launching. Very impressed with the rails instrumentation.

  2. Derek Haynes (Scout) said about 4 hours later:

    Good timing Hunter! Hope you enjoy Scout.