Updates to memcached, nginx monitoring

March 20 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Comments Comments

Colin Surprenant did some quality GitHub forking today, enhancing the monitoring for memcached and nginx.

The memcached stats plugin reports the following data:
  • Current connections
  • Current data MB
  • Evictions
  • Get count
  • Get hits
  • Get misses
  • Max data MB
  • Set count
  • Total items
...and alerts you if the plugin can’t connect to memcached.

The ngix status plugin reports the following data:
  • Reading
  • Requests
  • Requests per/second
  • Total
  • Waiting
  • Writing

Thanks to Mike Mangino and Luc Castera for their original work on the memcached and ngix plugins, respectively.

Scout Install Urls:

And just how did Colin, Mike, and Luc magically add this functionality to Scout? It’s easy – see our guide.

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