What's in store for 2009 - beyond the numbers

January 06 Bullet_white By Andre Bullet_white Comments Comments

2008 was a year full of numbers – 34% (fall of the the Dow Jones Industrial Average), $1.84B (Apple iPhone revenue), and $100M (cost of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony).

But raw numbers are just the start – in 2009, our goal is to tell you what they mean:

  • Your Rails application is slow. Now what? We’re bringing deeper, more actionable Rails instrumentation .
  • You’ve got one hell of a memory leak. What’s going on? We’ll help you get a complete picture of your system right when the leak happens.
  • You’re on the ski slopes but want to stay abreast of trends. We’ll help you get beyond raw numbers and alert you on trends.

And besides the functionality, there’ll be a new name for Scout in Q1!

Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks (or just subscribe to our RSS feed).

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