Our new graphing engine - a year of data in real-time

August 29 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Comments Comments

Plot a week of data. A month. A year. We’re not picky – choose any time range and Scout plots the data in real-time.

You’ve always been able to graph as much data as your plan allows on Scout, but now it’s a whole lot faster. It takes a lot of horsepower for graphing – in fact, some monitoring products limit you to 24 hours of data. Some give you access to more, but you’re in for long wait. When you’re making serious decisions about Rails performance, we think you need to see as much as data as quickly as possible.

Watch a 1 min. 34 sec. Quicktime clip that shows our new graphing engine in action:


If you are an existing Scout user, note that you can now edit your default plugin graphs in-place – there’s no need to create a separate graph. You have the option to save your changes to the graph so it loads with the new settings next time you view the plugin.

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