How To Customize a Scout Plugin

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Since Scout Plugins are open source, it’s easy to modify them to fit your needs.

Here’s a quick way to create a custom version of a Scout plugin.

1. Grab the current plugin and options

The code:

curl \ 
> mongrel_cluster_monitor.rb

The options:

curl \ 
> mongrel_cluster_monitor.yml

2. Edit the plugin code and test

scout -p /path/to/customized/mongrel_cluster_monitor.rb \
-o '{"mongrel_cluster_configuration_dir"=>"/etc/mongrel_cluster"}' \
-v -l debug

That says, use the -p option (or --plugin) and the -o (or --option) to test locally, passing these options, be verbose (--verbose) and set the log level to debug (--log-level debug).

Note that you could also add your own “option” there, as the path to one of the configuration files…. however you want to do it.

3. Host the Plugin

Scout ~ Bristol

Then, all you have to do is make that plugin and its options file (of the same name) URL accessible (put it in your rails public dir, perhaps, or on another server) for the scout server to be able to grab it when you install. When you install, choose, Manual—and type in the URL to your new customized version ( for example).

More on creating plugins

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