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One of the things people like most about Scout: the plugin code your clients execute is downloaded via a plain-vanilla HTTP or HTTPS connection like this one. This means you can simply update the plugin code once, and any clients that run the plugin grabs the new code. You don’t have to manually install scripts on each monitored server.

But what happens if the web server hosting the plugin code isn’t available? What if you are running a plugin someone else developed and they change the plugin code?

We’ve got you covered. Scout now caches the plugin code when you add a plugin to a Scout Client. By default, Scout locks to the version of the code available when the plugin was installed. However, you can override this and have Scout automatically grab the latest version. You can also perform a one-time update.

We check for code updates every 5 minutes, so if you are debugging a new plugin you developed, click the “Update Code” button when you push out a change to instantly refresh the code.

Read on for screenshots.

The new setting is on the Edit Plugin page:

Scout <sub> Bristol

You can manually update the code on the Plugin Code page:

Scout </sub> Bristol

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