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April 23 Bullet_white By Derek Bullet_white Posted in Plugins Bullet_white Comments Comments

Sometimes, the simplest ideas make for the best plugins.

Let’s say you have some process that always needs to be running (maybe that’s a ferret server or a backgrounDRb server) or maybe it’s just Apache.

Install the Keep Process Running Plugin and Scout will help make sure that process is always running.

The plugin simply scans the active running processes, and checks to see if that process is running. If it can’t find it in the active process list, it will attempt to run the restart action. You can specify anything, so if you need to perform some special startup task (/usr/bin/apachectl start) it can do that. If you do not specify a restart action, it simply re-runs the command it is looking for. This actually works well in most cases.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on this plugin feel free to comment on the plugin itself.

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